Safety First

I’ll bet your grandmother and mother did it – mine did it too.  They served Thanksgiving dinner, then left the food out all day for guests to snack on.  And you think, “no one ever got sick, so it can’t hurt”.  The trouble is, taking chances with keeping food in an unsafe temperature can potentially make you and your guests (!) really sick.

Here’s a rule of thumb for food: Keep Hot Food Hot / Cold Food Cold.

– After serving dinner, put all your leftover cold foods back in the refrigerator.

– Allow the hot foods to cool before refrigerating, so the warmth of the food does not lower the refrigerator temperature.

–  If you have a turkey carcass, place it in a freezer bag and freeze for future soup/stock.

–  When you re-warm gravy, always bring it to a boil before serving.

–  Be sure to keep custard-type pies refrigerated.

A very happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all!


About bakingway

Baker/Pastry Chef for over 25 years.

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