Do you remember?

Two things: first, did you remember to make/stir your Sourdough Starter today?  I’ve stirred mine three times so far today in hopes that I can bake a Sourdough Bread tomorrow!

Secondly, remember when, at the beginning of our bread baking “journey” I said I would make the recipes and share the good and the bad? Well, the reason I’m not posting a recipe today is…it’s bad!  Yes, the Rye bread that I started off early this morning scaling, proofing, mixing, kneading, rising twice, turned out looking like, feeling like and tasting like a brick.  Had this been a successful loaf, I would have happily shared the “author” of the recipe.  In this case, it’s best I not say where the recipe came from.

Suffice it to know, I won’t be deterred.  I will try to make a Rye Loaf again and won’t be happy until I have great results.  I certainly will keep you posted.


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  1. Through the very long rise time 5 to 6 hours most of the nutrients will be partly broken down which means that it will be better absorbed by the body……….Make Sourdough starter part of your meal today!

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