Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

For many who enjoy the occasional pizza, whole wheat crust is a bit healthier alternative.  While it is healthier than traditional white crust, whole wheat pizza crust can be tough and chewy.  The good news is: you can make your own healthier crust at home quickly and  with little effort.  Even better, this crust won’t be tough or chewy.  This recipe makes 1-12″ pizza.

In a mixer bowl measure:
2 cups Whole Wheat Flour
1 Tabl. Dry, Active Yeast
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 Tabl. Sugar

1 cup Warm Water (just room temp – NOT HOT!)
2 Tabl. Olive Oil

Using a dough hook, mix for 2 minutes.  Place dough in a warm place to rise for 30 minutes.  Press the dough out using a rolling pin or finger to desired thickness on a baking sheet or stone.  Top with your favorite toppings.  (For a thicker crust, allow to rise again before topping.) Bake in 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.


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  1. Or, on a hot summer day, (actually every time for us) put it on the grill outside…cook each side, bring in, but your toppings on it and finish in the oven on broil or back out on the grill…..we have done it both ways with success! Thank you Chris for showing us how to grill a pizza!!! The taste is like from a pizza oven!!!

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