Flourless, Fat-Free Chocolate Cookies

Did you see the title?!!  No really, these cookies are not just flourless but fat-free!  It’s not my recipe, it belongs to the famous, François Payard.  It is light and has a meringue texture but packed with flavor!  For those who are avoiding fats and or are on gluten-free diets, this cookie will indulge your chocolate desires.

Whisk together in a bowl:
3 cups Confectioners’ Sugar
1/2 cup +  3 Tabl. Cocoa Powder
1/4 tsp. Salt


Whisk in to incorporate:
4 large Egg Whites – room temperature
2 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract

Refrigerate the dough for 10 minutes.  Use a tablespoon to scoop a round of dough onto parchment lined cookie sheet.  Bake in a pre-heat 320 degree oven for 14-16 minutes.  Allow to cool completely before removing from parchment.


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  1. Holy Cow! These sound so easy and delicious. Even I who do not bake or have a mixer, are going to make these!! Thanks Chris

  2. It’s almost like a flourless chocolate cake but in cookie form!

  3. These look excellent. How many cookies did the recipe yield with the measurements above?

  4. Also- do you need to beat eggs separately until peaks form prior to incorporating them (with vanilla) to dry ingredients? This looks similar to another recipe I saw except the other adds toasted walnuts to the dry ingredients and beats the whites to soft peaks prior to incorporation. Thank you in advance for your help!!!

  5. Yum! Very tempted to try with sweetner instead of sugar

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