Health Benefits of Baking Ingredients

Dark Chocolate (60% Cacao or higher) – Acts as an antioxidant – lowers High Blood Pressure.

Cinnamon – Only a small amount daily can lower Cholesterol , Diabetes, Yeast Infections and Arthritis.

Brown Sugar – Not necessarily “healthier” than  white sugar (it just has molasses added) but it does help boost flavor, so you can use less of it.

Honey – As a naturtal sweetener it provides energy, boosts immunity and you can use less of it.

Oatmeal – This grain is a great source for Nutrients, lowers Cholesterol, helps fight heart disease.

Yogurt – Loaded with Vitamins and Good Bacteria – Great replacement for fats.

Whole Wheat Flour – Excellent source of Fiber and Protein. Remember to use more moisture to compensate.

About bakingway

Baker/Pastry Chef for over 25 years.

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  1. Great post about healthy foods, there should be more posts like this. Thanks for sharing.


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