baKING Tips for Healthier Baking

During February, I’ve shared some of the “tricks of the trade” for baking healthier snacks/desserts. My basic rule of thumb for successful substituting of healthier ingredients is “Replace don’t Remove”.  Too often, people decide to remove sugar or fat without understanding the functions of those ingredients.  Even if you could successfully remove the sugar or fat, you would be left with a dry, inedible product.

This list is not all-inclusive but following these tips, you could make your own delicious and healthy substitutions for your favorite recipe.


1)  Do NOT replace all of the fat.  Leaving some fat in, contributes to the flavor and the moisture.

2)  Do NOT remove all of the sugar called for in a recipe.  Remember that sugar has other functions than sweetening, such as adding moisture and providing structure.

3)  Do NOT replace all of the Whole Eggs with Egg Whites.  Always leave 1 whole Egg in the recipe and then substitute 2 Egg Whites for each egg called for in the recipe. (I suggest using Eggland’s Best Eggs because they are 25% lower in saturated fat and contain 10 times more Vitamin E and 2 times more Vitamin D)

4)  If substituting Whole Wheat Flour for AP Flour, be sure to use slightly less Whole Wheat Flour or increase moisture by a bit.

5)  Substitute sugar with Honey or Brown Sugar but use 1/3 less than called for. (ex. recipe says 1 cup sugar, use only 2/3 cup honey or brown sugar)

6)  Use Yogurt, Applesauce or Mashed Bananas to replace up to 2/3 of the fat called for in recipes.  Be aware of the taste each imparts to the finished product.

7)  Use 2% Milk to replace whole milk called for in a recipe.

8)  Liberally incorporate fresh, ripe fruits in recipes as they will help provide moisture and sweetness.

9)  Liberally use lemon/orange zest to add freshness and intensity of flavor.

10)  Use Dark Chocolate (60% Cacao or higher) because you can use less due to the intensity of flavor – and it’s healthier!

11)  Use Cinnamon, Ginger and other spices to “spike” the flavor.


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  1. Nice tips! I always suggest using the BEST spices you can afford, since that will add flavor.

  2. Great tips… Can’t wait to try them out in my recipes 🙂

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