Looking for “Dialog”

When I had the bakery and there were occasional “down-times” (usually due to diets in January or the end of summer vacationing) I always spent the bulk of that time re-evaluating.  I would re-evaluate the products, the menu, the prices, the products, the customers – nothing escaped my prying eye.  Upon returning, I  would go right to work initiating the changes I deemed necessary.

Having just gone through many l-o-n-g days with the flu, as you might imagine, I had plenty of time to think, evaluate and plan – only this time, I was thinking about this blog.  thebaKINGway is a blog I began a few months ago fueled by a desire to share a combination of recipes, tips and my own bakery experiences.  In those brief few months, I’ve already written well over 100 posts!  Problem is: what I’ve noticed is, my blog “conversations” are very one dimensional.

In an attempt to improve our dialog, I invite readers to send me any questions about baking that you have. Chances are if you have something you are wondering about someone else is wondering the same thing.  You can ask about ingredients, equipment, planning, freezing – really anything!   If I don’t know the answer, I will find out.  Once a week, I will take time to answer at least one of those questions.

I will also feature a kitchen tool or special ingredient each week including pictures so that you can see them and understand how they work. I’ll share some new “gadgets” and see if they are really “necessary.  And of course, I will continue to share recipes from my mother, my own collection and others.

You can always write directly to me at @ bakingway@gmail.com


About bakingway

Baker/Pastry Chef for over 25 years.

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  1. I really don’t have a lot of tools in the kitchen. Is it worth my while to get a nice big mixer for like breads… could I use it for other things? If It is worth it, what is the best value “find” you have seen?
    Thanks Chris!

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