Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

In our family it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a “simple” little party.  My oldest daughter, Liz, owns an event planning company, Liz King Events, Rachel (Joey’s mom) is a first grade school teacher with tons of creative ideas who also works for the event company, and of course, I have my own contributions – of the baked variety.

For weeks, we have been planning and crafting a Dinosaur Party.  This past Saturday, we celebrated the 2nd Birthday of our first grandson, Joey.

Instead of just a cake, we opted for the trendy “dessert table” which is really, just a small selection of a multitude of desserts.  We made mini S’mores, Strawberry Push-up Cakes, Dino Sugar Cookies, Brownie Bites, “Mud” cups, Oreo Truffles, Popcorn Balls, Chocolate Dipped Pretzels, Cupcakes and of course, a Dino Cake!

The day was perfect: lots of family and friends, food and sunshine!

The Dessert Table: 


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  1. What a great idea!! I wish we could see pictures of the childrens’ faces as they viewed this table. You guys are SO creative…and I KNOW each dessert was delicious.

  2. Wow, you have a lot of really cute Dino treats! I especially love the watermelon!

  3. Stumbling upon your pictures is a huge life saver! This is exactly what I envisioned for my son’s 2nd bday party. He is obsessed with dinosaurs but since he is only going to be 2, this will be my last year to do a babyish theme. Do you have anymore party ideas that you can share with me? His party is in 2 weeks. Also, how did you girls make the strawberry push pop cakes??? Thanks again for posting these!!:)

    • The dinosaur themed party we had was for my grandson’s 2nd birthday. We used the aqua , green and orange colors to keep it child-like and not scary. We made “Dinosaur crossing” signs for the road, dinosaur dig using a wading pool, some sand and dino eggs (Oriental trading). We also made dinosaur “tracks” leading around to the door and the games, using colored construction paper. Dessert table was just a selection of desserts we knew people could walk around and eat. The push pops are easy – I baked a vanilla cake in a cookie sheet pan. I used a small round cookie cutter to cut out cake rounds, put whipped cream in a pastry bag and then layered the cake, cream and strawberries. The push pops were a big hit! Good luck!!!

  4. Hello, Great job with all the creative ideas. Where can i find the push pops?

  5. Hello, what does the Cup of dirt consist of???…. Love the creativity u put into this party!!!

  6. Great job! Love your details. Adorable. I’m in the process of planning my soon-to-be-four-year-old’s dinosaur party. I have the same Meri Meri stegosaurus centerpiece (and we’re using the matching plates). My son has requested a blue stegosaurus cake. I was wondering how you were able to achieve that particular shade of blue since it matches so perfectly. Was it just trial and error with standard food coloring or did you find a Wilton color that’s right? Also curious if you had a template for your cake. I’ve seen some out there for 3D dinos that I’m planning on taking a stab at. Thanks for sharing your great party.

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