“Zippy” Watermelon!

Is it incredibly hot where you are?  It’s HAZY, HOT and HUMID here in NY.  When it’s this hot, what’s more refreshing than a watermelon treat to beat the heat?  If you don’t think watermelon could possible be made more refreshing than it naturally is, you’ll want to try this quick and easy “recipe” (not sure this qualifies to be called a recipe ; )

Have you ever gotten one of those watermelons that isn’t quite as red and ripe inside as it promised to be?  I have, and it has challenged me to “zip” it up!  Three simple ingredients will take your watermelon from “good and cold” to “WOW and REFRESHING”!

I used a 7# Watermelon, but really, who’s weighing, anyway?

Wash the outside of the watermelon before cutting.*  Cut the watermelon from the rind into small bite-sized cubes.  Place the cubed watermelon in a bowl large enough to toss.

Zest one lime into the bowl.  Cut the lime and squeeze the juice into the bowl.  Add 1/4 cup more Lime juice.  Grab a handful of fresh mint leaves, and julienne.  Toss lightly.  Serve cold.  Garnish with a mint leaf or lime wedge.


* Always wash (with just water) ALL fruits (and vegetables) on the outside before cutting.  If you do not wash, any bacteria on the outside of the fruit will be carried through the flesh by the knife, thereby contaminating the fruit.


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