Now THAT was scary!

How about a little snow in October?  Just in time for Halloween, a record-breaking snowstorm hit the northeast.  It began on Saturday with heavy, wet snow.  Since the leaves hadn’t fallen off of the trees, that heavy snow began to break limbs within the first hour!  I was in the kitchen baking cookies and could hear the snapping of limbs all around us and the sound of tires trying to grip the road.  The photo to the right is of the 11″ of snow flattening the trees over lines and across roads in our neighborhood.

Funny story: late Saturday afternoon, right outside of our front door, a car struggled to get up the hill.  The driver went up and down and sideways trying and trying again.  My husband grabbed a coat and went out to help, certain that he could get the car up the hill.   Dear husband decides to help the frightened woman driver and tells her to move over as he made several attempts to get up the hill.  Turns out, the car had bald tires and with no traction it wasn’t about to climb the hill.   My husband decided that she should move her car back into our driveway, off the road, to be safer and he would change her tires all around and that may provide enough traction for her to get home.  While changing the last tire, there was a huge cracking sound and then….huge limbs crashed on the poor woman’s car (barely missing my husband!) crashing onto the hood and shattering her windshield!  Well, he meant to be helpful!  I love how my husband rushes to the aid of others – but, we sure got a laugh out of wondering how the woman explained how the damage happened!

Within a few minutes, our electricity had gone out and the woman was calling for a ride.  We got our electric, heat and water (and computer!!) back last night.  A new recipe post will be up in a couple of days.  In the meantime, stay warm and dry and expect and prepare for a rough winter (I think).


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  1. I never thought I would be having snow days in October. That is the blessing of working in a school. I spent 4 days baking cookies, bread and muffins. Unlike Irene, this time I didn’t lose power. Back to work tomorrow. I’m glad you got your power back.

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