Meet Rachel!

My youngest daughter, Rachel, helped me in the earliest days of my baking career by following my directions to measure and mix recipes.  During those days, she helped out due to her love for me – not a passion for baking. I remember a Mother’s Day where she wrote a card to me that said something akin to “If you should die, I’ll carry on and complete your dream for you.”  She meant my dream of opening my own bakery and when I told her how sweet that was, she said, “Yeah, I’d rather not, but I’d do it for you.”  😉  After a few years in the bakery, Rachel went on to college and grad school and began her teaching career and was too busy to come around to help.

Now married and the young mother of two, Rachel bakes often – actually 3-4 times a week. Usually, she bakes the same thing: my mother’s recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies.  Recently, she told me “Mom, I think I really want to bake – and try different things.  I really enjoy baking!”   Funny thing, because just the day before I was thinking how much fun it would be for Rach to “Guest Post” occasionally about her baking trials and errors as she is somewhat “new” to this.

Fortunately, Rachel agreed to post a recipe occasionally complete with pics to guide you through the process.  She’ll give you a different perspective and won’t hesitate to give her opinion along the way.  I know you’ll love Rachel as much as I do!


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