My Story

My mother was an amazing baker and cook.  I was baking by her side when I was 4 years old.  She taught me everything she knew about baking.  Being ahead of her time, mom actually had one of my father’s old white dress shirts that was reserved for her baking day.  Years later, as I donned my Chef’s coat, I was reminded that mom had been my first culinary instructor.  

One of the most important things I learned from her is to read the recipe through first ~ maybe a couple of times.  Be sure you understand what the ingredients and directions are before you begin.  Mom always thought it was silly that most recipes came with so much text.  Often reading the recipe and the many, many steps necessary was enough to make her change her mind about trying that recipe.  She began to “translate” her homemade recipes into a series of concise, easy to follow directions.

Years later, I attended a prominent culinary school to acquire my Baking and Pastry degree.  I had, long before pastry school, and ever since, closely followed her simple approach to baking.  My experience in high-production bakeries both as Pastry Chef and Owner, have helped me to hone my own approach that is just a step clearer than mom had intended.  Many interns would attest to the fact that the simplicity in my recipe collection helped them avoid measuring and mixing mistakes and achieve superior results.

Mom passed away as a result of Alzheimer’s 4 years ago.  She left behind 7 hand written spiral bound books of handwritten recipes.  Back then, mom baked using oleo (margarine) and imitation vanilla.  I’ve updated her recipes to use only the best of ingredients:  Sweet Butter, Belgian chocolate and Pure Vanilla extract.  These precious memories written in the form of ingredients I share with you, along with the many “professional” recipes in my collection.

Here, you’ll find the “KING” way, which is mine…but in its very essence, is my moms way. Thinking of you today and always mom!!
  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your mom…and it shines with your own beauty.

  2. April Buchwald

    The baKINGway blog is a fabulous way to share your mom’s and your recipes, and all the little tricks that make them work. Today I learned why my pie crust never came out tender after a life time of resorting to pre-made in frustration. I thank you for that and will try the baKING way soon, with your apple pie recipe.

    I am forwarding this blog to all the young women I know who do not bake in the hope that the baKING way will become a staple in their lives that will be passed on to future generations. Thank you for sharing your secrets.

  3. Chris – it’s Peter’s birthday on Friday we are going to miss the Banana, cream cheese and ganache! It JUST won’t be the same…

  4. Hi Chris,
    This surprised me. What a beautiful way to remember your mom.
    I don’t usually go on facebook or even the computer for that matter but now I will have to make it a point. Those who don’t know about you and your baking/cooking are in for a real treat. You are definitely at the TOP of our list. Thanks for sharing and for all you do.
    love ya!

  5. Chris:
    This is wonderful and so moving. Isn’t it amazing that simple things of days gone by retain their luster in so many ways? Wish my kids would remember that. Miss ya!!!

  6. Christine,
    Your site is great! Eggland’s Best may be interested in sharing some of your delicious recipes with our community. How can we get in touch with you?
    Elena Parks

  7. Chris, While reading this segment again I thought how nice it would be to see a photo of your mom to intoduce her to the readers. Maybe a series of you and her when you were young, and as you grew up to an adult. You speak so lovingly of her that it would be nice to put a face to the words.

    Your blog continues to be one of my favorite things to read eventhough I don’t bake. I always loved reading recipees. Love to you, April

  8. Mrs. King! ive been looking at your website and my mouth is watering and i have to stop looking at it to be able to relax again but i love it and have printed a few recipies already… ive had the web address saved for months but this is the first time i got to look at it and i love it. i shared it on fb.

    love tara

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